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Sargento Foods Inc. Announces New CSR Platform, Real Impact, Alongside 2022 Impact Report


Plymouth, WI, November 14, 2023 – Today, Sargento Foods Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of “Sargento Real Impact,” a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform that encompasses the company’s ongoing philanthropic and sustainability efforts. With a vision to be the most innovative, best-loved real food company, Wisconsin-based Sargento will use the platform to communicate its continued commitment to sustainability as well as community-based initiatives across three key pillars: hunger, housing and education.

“‘Sargento Real Impact,’ represents a new chapter in our CSR efforts while building on my grandfather’s longstanding commitment to give back and use resources responsibly,” said Louie Gentine, third Generation CEO of Sargento Foods. “Real Impact means committing – not just to our community through hunger, housing and educational initiatives – but also to our planet through sustainability practices.” 

Throughout 2022, the impact of Sargento was seen broadly across all company efforts, as detailed in its Annual Impact Report. Milestones include:  

Community Outreach

  • 2022 marked the 30th anniversary of Sargento’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity. In 2022, Sargento built the 35th home through the program and helped 28 Sargento Habitat for Humanity homeowners by either paying their property taxes or mortgage for a year.
  • Sargento introduced 10 Days of Giving, a United Way campaign, matching employees’ individual contributions dollar-for-dollar and awarding prize packages. The campaign raised over $1 million dollars towards youth education and community access to economic opportunity. 
  • Sargento’s non-profit donations amounted to over 607,000 pounds of cheese, supporting community fundraisers, stocking food bank shelves, aiding first responders and helping schools raise money to enhance students’ educational experiences.

Sustainable Packaging and Practices

  • Sargento saved 85 million gallons of water and diverted 86.7% of waste from landfills in 2022, following its promise to use more energy-efficient and water-efficient operations.
  • 100% of Sargento® Balanced Breaks® snacks trays (excluding overwrap) are now “recycle-ready” and on track to be recyclable by the end of 2024. “Recycle-ready” illustrates Sargento’s proactive approach toward developing sustainable packaging despite nationwide infrastructure limitations. Additionally, 100% of string and snack cheese overwrap will be in-store drop off recyclable by 2024. 

Quality Production

  • Sargento earned the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) highest rating of AA+, which certifies the company’s commitment to implementing and improving food safety processes.


About Sargento Foods Inc.

With over 2,400 employees and net sales of $1.8 billion, Sargento Foods is a family-owned company that has been a leader in cheese for 70 years. Founded in 1953 in Plymouth, Wisconsin, Sargento is proud to be the company that successfully introduced America to pre-packaged sliced and shredded natural cheeses and cheese blends. Today, Sargento Foods is still based in Wisconsin, where they make and market amazing, high-quality shredded, sliced and snack natural cheese products, as well as ingredients. Company leadership lives to serve local communities and employees, whom they refer to as the Sargento Family.